92 Dollars Coffee

For two cup of joes at Mystic Lake Casino, paired with cards and cards and cards of BINGO will get you daubbing away for two and a half hours.

The first time I went to a bingo was with my girlfriends, Mandi, Erin and Sera at The Grand Casino. It was fun! Jeff has never been so that’s when we decided to give it a try.

First you need to know when the sessions are. We bought a 40 dollar package and apparently — something new to me — you could buy the electronic version where you will receive a hand held monitor with a stand that will mark the numbers for you when they’re called. It even beeps to warn you that you’re close to a getting a bingo. All you have to do is watch the series and yell out BINGO! Genius!

I’m an old fashion gal. One of the fun parts of playing Bingo is dabbing the bright colored ink onto the card. It’s fun browsing through randomly placed 75-numbers of 1-75 over a five letter word.

To play a 6-faces (12 cards) bingo is pretty intense for a newbie and thus the monitor would have come in handy. This is the regular session where the cards are to be used once until someone calls BINGO before you move on to the next round. The announcer goes super fast and sometimes you get one with a thick accent that you can’t really tell if he/she says 72 or 73. Two distinctly different annunciations, yet I hard a time telling, Jeff could back me up on this.

This is a 3-face card bingo card

What worked for me is the TV screens around the walls that show the next ball after they call the current number. I supposed this will make it easier for those who have a hard time hearing, such as OLD PEOPLE. The TV screen gets you ahead of the announcer, so watch it!

The jackpot rounds are my favorite. You receive 3-faces card and you get to reuse them over 4 rounds. They vary each round with many different patterns to win.

No, you CANNOT drink on this sovereign premise — major bummer! Appetizers are available for purchase and beverages are complementary. The area is divid

ed by a glass wall for a smoking area and a non-smoking area. There is always someone friendly to guide you through the session as well as selling you additional jackpot cards.

I’m interested in trying out the Cosmic Bingo which is held Fridays and Saturday late night starting at 11pm. Who wants to go with me?

Urban Scavenger Hunt

When I came across a sale from Groupon of a scavenger hunt that will save us 65% off of its original cost, I said, why the hell not? Never done this types of things before. I dragged Jeff into this with nothing to expect. All it says was 4-6 miles of scavenging clues around downtown Minneapolis starting from Bootleggers. Bring your camera and a smart phone and using only your own two feet and a public transportation (no taxis, cars, bikes, bikeshares, rollerskates, camels or hoverboards! it says). Unfortunately my attempt to recruit others was nihil. Although there’s a prize for the best costume, Jeff is not the type to dress to impress.. There are 12 clues and you are to complete 11 of the 12 clues. Here’s our report of the end results.

The temperature was 98 degrees, with little humidity. Here we are waiting at Bootleggers for the announcement. We REALLY wished we could’ve had a couple of pints here. Yeah, don’t ask why…

CIMG9150 CIMG9149

Here are the clues:

1. The Cities may be Minnesota nice, but just in case — there are more than a few crime fighters around. The Minneapolis P.D. has 800 officers alone, but anybody with a badge and a gun will do — snap a picture with them making the “Charlie’s Angels pose” to complete this clue.

I spotted this cop and went running for it as soon as I sensed he was stopping. Another group came towards it as well. Both groups took turns taking pictures. Mr. Po-Po drove away as I have a feeling he’s not interested in taking anymore pictures of other scavengers.

2. Make some music with a street musician — take photo with anyone playing an instrument out there!

The dude told us that we both had to be in the picture. He said he knows the because that’s the rule as he’s been doing this all day since the race started. I gave him a buck.

3. Seeing as that there’s a Twins game in just a few hours, it shouldn’t be hard to find a fan around. So let’s make it only slightly more difficult: find one with Mauer jersey (not shirt!) and have your team mime pitching while the fan’s swinging in the photo

The dude knows what to do as soon as he saw us. Told him he may be all over the internet the next day. He was “Hell yeah, I told you dude” to his friend.

4. Find any target that has nothing to do with Target or Target Field… and take picture with it. Be creative!

Here’s our “target” picture. It’s round and has a “target” middle. Snap! You’re it! I had in mind a dart in a bar somewhere but got distracted somehow.

5. Go to the exact halfway point of this railroad-turned-bike/pedestrian bridge (look up, do you power lines? You’ve gone too far!) and take a photo of your team with the downtown skyline behind — while jumping for the sky! Here’s the catch: you have to do it with another Challenge team.

This is the Stone Arch Bridge, a former railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Saint Anthony Falls. It’s a beautiful stroll overlooking downtown Minneapolis. We had to take numerous attempts of this shot because the other team has a camera phone and and kept failing to take pictures of us levitating. Thank goodness I didn’t rely on our camera phone.

6. How is it that an establishment founded in 1997 can sell more Jameson the last four years than any pub in Ireland? Take a photo with your team and mementos awarded for this (dubious?) honor. (If they are not enthused about the crowds Challengers, you can take the photo out front)

In case you can’t see it, it’s The Local bar on 10th and Nicollette.

7. You can’t skip this clue: it’s unseasonably hot out today — so we’ll combine a clue with a mandatory 5 minute break which must occur after 2 pm at this Pelli designed public edifice. Take a picture of your team in front of any clock at arrival and departure — make sure they’re 5 minutes apart AND mimic the clock’s hands with yours! Use this break wisely to strategize the rest of your course and to READ the other clues closely and make sure you did them right! Also, please be respectful while indoors!

CIMG9178 CIMG9180
Just to let you know Cesar Pelli designed the Wells Fargo Center (pictured), Gaviidae Common and the Public Library, all located in downtown Minneapolis.

8. A plaque can be found with the words that PRECEDE the lyrics “Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?” Mimic the pose of the art it’s attached to.

That my friend is a bronze statue of Mary Tyler Moore from the Mary Tyler Moore’s show.The opening title sequence features many scenes filmed on location in Minneapolis in both summer and winter, as well as a few clips from the show’s studio scenes. The opening sequence scenes changed each season, but always ended with the same hat toss filmed at the intersection of 7th Street and Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. The hat toss was ranked by Entertainment Weekly as the second greatest moment in television.

9. So, you knew we’d put a “GMF” sign clue in here, right? Did you think we’d make you take a photo within three block of the sign AND make you a make a human pyramid with the sign visible AND make you convince at least one stranger to take part?

CIMG9169 CIMG9170
“GMF” stands for Gold Medal Flour. Beginning 1880 and for 50 years thereafter Minneapolis was known world-wide as the “Flour Milling Capital of the World” and now known as Mill City.

10. Have your team stand on the rim of this fountain and get the entire of this pretty-well-known green copper roof in the background. No bonus for getting IN the fountain, but we’re not stopping you either…

The Minneapolis City Hall, originally had a red terra cotta roof but it began leaking so a copper roof was installed. At 180,000 pounds it was said to be the largest in the country. The copper has since acquired its characteristic of green patina, due to mold and oxidation.

11. Minneapolis was incorporated in 1867, but plenty of folks were around even before that. In fact, there’s at least one building that was completed 10 years prior. Take a photo with any building older than the city itself.

We thought the Mill City ruin was older than the city itself. Turns out we were a few years off. The Twin City Lines is one of the oldest

12. Do you think they misplaced the 5 foot tall baseball that goes with glove?


This is located at the front of the new pride and joy of Minneapolis, the Target Center, where Joe Mauer and The Twins now play.

I am so glad we went and did this race. Not only we get to burn a ton of calories we also get learn a lot about Minneapolis, its landmarks and the history behind it. It makes me appreciate more about the city I live in. This site shows the final results of the 137 teams that checked-in, not including the ones that gave up. We placed 78th under Team Zebra, not too shabby. The Minneapolis Challenge benefits for Boys and Girls Club of The Twin Cities. So that makes us feel good to contribute to a good cause. Check out this site for dates and location of the next race in your town.

A couple of pointers for those of you first-timers:

1. Wear good shoes, you’ll be walking around a lot and maneuvering tourists and bums a lot.
2. Check the weather. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Jeans are way too hot in a 98 degree weather but ideal for rainy days.
3. Come hydrated and bring a small water bottle in your small backpack. The less you carry, the better. The race provides water before you’re off for the search but you’re on your own during the search.
6. Bring a map, sit down for a few minutes and READ BETWEEN THE LINES. Jeff and I had to come back to two spots because we didn’t read its fine lines. Figure out the places you know for sure of its locations and head there right away. Don’t sit and idle trying to figure out locations of ALL items. Keep walking.

4. Bring somebody who’s a walking “Brittanica Encyclopedia”. If they don’t want to pay for the race, ask them if they could join you anyway and share the prize if you win. In my case, I would bring our cousin Matt L. Relying on Wikipedia or Google from your smartphone is nice but you run in to dead spot most of the time. This person can also serve as a picture taker or a “stranger” in the picture. Or if this is not feasibel, make an appointment with someone who will be staying home and in front of the computer. Text or call your questions to this person.

5. Bring your own pocket camera. Don’t rely on your camera phone.

We are looking forward to the next one, next year.

This group won my vote for best costume.

Songs I put on REPEAT mode

One edition of Real Simple magazine featured “Get Happy” and some psychologist elaborated on how repetition is one of the keys to unlock happines. The analogy was, ask a toddler; ever wonder why they want to ride the same Tea Cup ride twenty thousand times before they move on to the Flying Dumbo and there you go again in circles another twenty thousand times?

In addition, disappointed with KDWB and 96.3Now selections of overly played Gaga’s, and the the Bieber’s and the Perry’s, I resorted to Pandora. Oh, it was like, where have you been all of my life? It was like the first time I had Starbucks. My Massive Attack’s Playlist has been crafted to play most of my music genres within this category and very rarely I skip forward to avoid songs I do not care to listen to. Pandora helped me gain recollections of songs I used to play a lot. Orbital, Psykosonic, Fluke, Portishead, Olive, Sneaker Pimps, Radiohead and the list kept on going.

Back to Mr. Psychologist. I took his advice and dug out my old CDs from the basement. I started listening to the songs I love over and over and over again. Mr. Psychologist was right. I feel serenity, calm and peace, sending happy endorphines through my body. Cliche! When played during family ride, this displeases my husband and my 4 year old. “Why do you play the same song over?” which I replied “Who sits on the god damn driver seat?” and proceed with giving them “the look”. They usually shut up.

With that said, I want to share with you the list of songs that I have put on REPEAT on my Sansa Fuze that have brought me happiness. Each of these songs deliver some complexity yet simplicity at the same time which makes the song absolutely beautiful and have become my instant classic.

So, here they are, in no particular order.

The intro to this song is so fucking sexy.

Well, she’s ONLY the epitome of classic French music.

Who doesn’t know this song.

Thom Yorke may not the best looking guy but boy can he fucking sing!

Beautifully composed song with a disturbing lyrics.

Venetian Snares “Öngyilkos Vasárnap

(remix of Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday) Sad but beautiful

Vocalist, Kellie Dayton

Vocalist: Chris Corner. I want to lick him up and down and lull me to sleep with his voice.
I’ve been playing this song for weeks now.

Treyton often sings this song out of the blue

I was a HUGE fan of the Cranberries.

This was our wedding song. Not the usual wedding song but it’s our song.

I HEART the “Blue” album in its entirety.

I HEART the “Bends” album in its entirety.

Yeah, the original was good too.

This song is fucking addicting

This song is so soothing. This and Casione Vs. Japan never fail to put Treyton to sleep.

This song hurt my ears the first time I heard it but I drew me closer and closer. It’s kind of weird.

μ-Ziq / Hasty Boom Alert

This song also lulls Treyton to bed in an instanter soothing song that puts Treyton to sleep.

Do Dolphins Have Boobs?

I have a four-year old boy at home. Treyton, we call him. Sometimes, Punk, Babe, or Treyt. He says the darnest thing and I wished I had collected all of his sayings and quotes throughout the years. I posted most of his mumbles on Facebook and to date I still don’t know how to retrieve my old wall posts so I can blog about them. If anyone knows, do share! They are worth sharing and absolutely comical!

One of the most recent one involves boobs and dolphins. Here’s how the conversation went on one fine afternoon during lunch:
Me: “Here’s your chicken breast, babe”
Treyton: “MOM !I am eating chicken BOOBS”
Me: Chuckles “Well Treyton, chickens aren’t mammals, they don’t have boobs.”
Treyton: Spontaneouly “Well, Dolphins are mammals, do they have boobs?” chomping on chicken.
Me: Snorted water out of my nose as I burst out laughing. But then raised my left eyebrow as I asked myself “Do They?”

After Google-ing dolphin boobs which resulted in many sites refering to manboobs and other not so child friendly site, I decided to search for dolpin breastfeeding and chose this site from e-How.

The answer is…drum roll please…YES! A female dolphin has two nipples hidden inside of slits of her underbelly where the calf nuzzles its snout or rostrum into the slit and feels for the nipple with its tongue. You can read more about how the feeding routine goes here. Quite fascinating I must say.

I was gasping when presented with this fact. Did you know — this is especially for mothers out there by the way — that the calf nurses about four times per hour?

Can you imagine yourself as a mother nursing your baby every 15 minutes? You think about that….

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Laura invited all of us past co-workers for a dinner at her house. Katie brought Anna, Beth brought Chloe and Sherri brought Kaitlyn. Treyton came but did not want to have anything to do with the girls, so daddy picked him up to take him home while I stayed and snap these princesses. Boy, was I glad I had my camera with me. These girls are ADORABLE!




Cooking Mama

Yes, there is a video game made for it called Cooking Mama. Happens to be my son , Treyton, and I, one of the favorites.
When Carrie Bradshaw quoted, “I’m more Coco Chanel than Coq Au Vin”. I
would agree with her statement…….
….until Treyton came along….

I have made an attempt to start cooking now that I am a mother. I am an okay cook. Growing up I cooked some Indonesian dishes for my four sisters back home when my mom is away overseas, grandma’s too busy with her orphanage home and the maid (yes we had a maid, it’s not uncommon in Indonesia) is busy doing laundry or running “errands”.When Jeff and I dated, I attemped to make a Gumbo and the roux turned out horrible.
So I stopped trying and we ate out like nobody’s business. That’s when we became foodies. Then a baby came and we have no time or enough money to eat out or can never find a sitter to eat out.
Nowadays, cooking is definitely a place for me to unwind, to relax. My husband was my inspiration.
He picked up French cooking from online recipes. Yes, he’s the kinda guy who’s been playing Fantasy Football since he was nine years old, never missed a Sunday game and me coming home from work smelling reduced Pinot Noir sauce permeating the whole house, complete with candle lights and the leftover Pinot Noir to share.
And yes, Treyton joins our candle light dinner. Summertime is filled with late night dinners on our tropical deck complete with tabletop waterfall, and tiki torches while Izzi is singing in the background.
So I swapped my fondness of Coco Chanel with Coq Au Vin and it was the best swapped ever. I happen to enjoy chopping vegetables. I have somewhat mastered making roux, I whipped egg whites by hands, the end results of the stiff peaks as you pull up the whisk up in the air, always gives me joy and the giggles.
In the past I haven’t been good at taking pictures of my cooking. Here’s what I could salvage:

Instead of the traditional Gingerbread man cookies, we made “Patrick” from Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Valentine cupcakes for my co-workers

Cupcakes for Daycare
At the request of Mr. Amadeus, I made this Transformers cake. My only wish that I had Chocolate frosting instead of Vanilla to bring out the airbrush fondant of the Autobot. But the prince requested white frosting. All is well.
Gumbo (3 hours to cook, finally mastered the roux)

Christmas Hot chocolate (Treyton didn’t want to wait till Christmas for this)

Lemon Blueberry Scones

Grilled Pork with Spicy Mango Salsa

Chicken and Porcini Ravioli with Pesto and Turkey Wild Rice Sausage

Three Cheese Ravioli with Sundried Tomatoes, Turkey Wild Rice Sausage, Artichoke drizzled with Spicy Pesto and sprinkled with Parmesan Reggiano

Planet Hollywood – a dream job

There was a time in my teen life where I was stranded in Indonesia and was forced to seek employment. Did I hear you say, “How the hell did that happen?” Too long of a story, I am sure someday I’ll elaborate. But not today. I want to share with you one of my many interesting experiences to which I came across during my limbo in Jakarta the Summer of ’98. The key word is Planet Hollywood.

I saw an ad on the paper that they are looking for a couple of waitresses. I was staying with a dearest friend of mine Dian at that time and asked if I could email or mail my resume to Planet Hollywood or even drop it off, to which her response was after laughing her ass off “Girl, that’s not how you apply for jobs here”. Not her exact words but pretty close.

So we wake up buck freaking dawn, rode our pretty little Indonesian butts on a bus. I dare not to take the non-air conditioned bus because I was dressed up and didn’t want to sweat it through my outfit on my way there. The average high temperature in Jakarta is 32 degrees Celsius which translate into about 90 degrees Fahrenheit and which to some hot blooded broad like me may not be much but when tightly-packed in a bus without air conditioner, you are asking to come out of there with all kinds of odors from all walks of life. Yes, you can call me high maintenance but only for this instance.

Once arrived, there was a sign pointing to the dark parking ramp. I was hesitant. Where the hell does that lead me? For all I know it could be a black hole. But it’s Planet Hollywood, not a bail bond, it had a reputation. It was early morning and there were already HUNDREDS of people there. Let me repeat, HUNDREDS, and the number continues to increase to close to a thousand as the day go. I put my name down on the list, they hand me a four page-application to fill out and we are expected to just “hang around” until our name got called. Mind you, this is not a closed door setting. We were gathered at the basement parking lot, no chairs, no air conditioner. We were just to either sit on the pavement filled with stains of mostly oil leaks, or god knows what else, and I chose to stand. No one dares to leave. They can’t. If their name gets called and you don’t come up right away, they move on and there goes your dream job.

There were people smoking around me. People chit chatting. No one has headphones. Some were smart and brought playing cards, checkers and dice to kill time. I can bet they’ve done one of these before in the past and have an expectation of how the day is going to run. I, on the other hand, just chilaxing with my dearest friend Dian, making small talk. When she gets bored with my yapping, she would slowly make her way to talk to others. I was too shy to talk to other people, my Indo slang was far from good. If I had started a small talk I could only imagine it would go something like so (in Indonesian):

Stranger: “Hey”
Me: “Hey”
Stranger: “What’s your name?”
Me: “Dhila, you?”
Stranger: “Jaka, where are you from?”
Me: “Well, that’s ……..sort of a ……general question……….are you asking…….. where I live? ……….because…… I don’t live here………. in Jakarta……….technically……….I live in Des Moines……….Iowa……at least……. that what……. my driver license says……..which I don’t have with me……. to proof it to you…….. No, it’s nowhere…….. in this country………it is United States………you know…….. America……… Or……… are you asking………. my originality……. I was born and……….. grew up……. in Jakarta…..

The dots between the sentences are me thinking up each word translating from English to Indonesia and calculating the proper Indonesian grammar, in my head. I had pictured this sort of interactions and decided to not even try. Because at this rate, this person will totally lose interest (and patience) in what I had to say and causing me an embarrassment as he slowly walks away in a slow motion as I am still trying to come up with the right word.

So I shut down the idea and just started humming to myself. Somehow I barely remembered how the 10 hour day went. Maybe it’s suppressed due to the stress nature of the event. Occasionally my girlfriend Dian will leave and comes back to bring me snacks and lunch.

Did you say lunch and 10 hour day??! Yep. We had been waiting since 8 am. I had a thought of giving up, I think. But then again, what else was I going to do that day? Nothing much really. I probably would just sit in a room at the U.S Embassy after barging in to crowds of protesters with a magazine over my face to cover my identity — even though no one would give two shits about me, but you never know— waiting, to get my name called, but at least I wait in an air conditioned room. But that’s another story for later.

By around 6pm they finally called my name. HALLE-FREAKING-LLUJAH!!! I didn’t say that out loud, just in my head. I was afraid that I would offend the majority of the Islamic crowd. But then again, it’s Planet Hollywood, they serve alcoholic beverages here. Where was I going with that? Nowhere really.

There are three small offices in a row in the air conditioned room. Aaaaahhhh, finally. Each office could only fit a desk and a chair. The desk has piles and piles of stacked papers which bury the interviewer behind them. I was told to go straight to the last office and skipped the two. Weird!

I sat down and talked to the General Manager. He was Caucasian. Very young, perhaps in the early 30’s. Dark brown hair that he keeps adjusting the long bangs to the side. Tall and lanky. Quite handsome. Are you married, sir? He speaks in a very good Indonesian and looked through my application. Then he started speaking English and asked if I were more comfortable speaking in English and from there on the whole conversation was spoken in English.

It was a pleasant conversation, like it should happen in a cafe somewhere, like Starbucks. Like how most Americans meet for interviews, any interviews, not just job interview, at a Starbucks, over a latte and a blueberry scone.

I got a call the next day for a job offer and started my training the following week. Transportation was arranged to pick me up from the house to Planet Hollywood. The driver picks up others on the way and drops us off after our shift. Isn’t that FABULOUS! You won’t see arrangement like this in the U.S. for a waitressing job. I felt like a STAR as I share a bus with other servers, hostesses, cooks, janitors and bus boys.

And then there I was shadowing waitresses to cater to rich, snotty, under-age Indonesian teens who couldn’t tell the difference between a Shirley Temple daiquiri and a Margarita. On stage was a band, playing Jazz, loudly. There are a lot of times where I would get distracted watching whatever fabulous band playing that day and those are the times where the shift manager will tap me on the shoulder and gives me the stink-eye.

I tried Google-ing Planet Hollywood in Jakarta in hopes to find photos. And here’s what I got. It’s not as glamorous as one would imagine if you don’t know anything about “places to hang out” in Jakarta.

The menu, I think, changes overtime. The Shirley Temple drink was no longer there. It has been exchanged with other concoctions with names of current movies. So either, they have a very creative mixologist whose sole purpose is to come out with a new drink every time a new movie comes out or it is the same bloody old concoctions with a different movie or movie star names. Maybe the Shirley Temple then is now called Dakota Fanning. I don’t know.

Either way I did not complete my one week training. A knight showed up on a white horse all glimmery and swooped me up from the kitchen as the horse slowly turned into a Pegasus and away we flew to the clouds (translation: a call came from Jeff, he’s UPS-ing a one-way ticket home from Jakarta to Des Moines, Iowa). And we live happily ever after since.


…stands for Floor Marshall in this case. Yes, I volunteered to be the FM at work for the floor I occupy during the first 8 hours of my day. Somehow I always refer it the Fire Marshall. I don’t know if it’s because of the abbreviation or my subconscious mind knows that I will be dealing with fire that comes with this job title.

So I met up with Nurse Z, a male RN and also the Emergency Response Team Lead. We went over the floor plan to determine areas of coverage. As of today, I am responsible for 19 rooms and of those rooms, 8 rooms are occupied. It means as of today I am responsible for 8 lives, not many compared to my other FM peers.

I now possess the Emergency Response Kit, see the picture below, that was given to me by Nurse Z. I am imagining myself in my head dressing in that manner, yellow suit, during the fire drill. I was a bit discouraged. Back to the kit, inside it are:

1. a gray metal clipboard that has two collapsible sides where you can also store things, not your ordinary clipboard and I must say it’s quite fancy. Inside the clipboard, sheets of contacts and manual;
2. a bright fluorescent vest that I am sure glows in the dark;
3. a yellow flashlight;
4. and a silver whistle.

That’s me, supposedly?, in that yellow fire retardant suit and a face mask.
Here I am, again, imagining in my head with me and my Nine West black patent Mary Jane’s, a fluorescent vest over a black suite and a pencil skirt, herding people with a whistle in my mouth, a flashlight on my right hand and a clipboard on the other.

And here’s the sequence, in order, of what I would imagine the drill is going to be as soon I hear the siren, piercing our ears:

1. I put on the fluorescent vest

2. I hang the whistle around my neck, I am still unsure of its function

3. I hold the fancy grey clipboard on my left and the yellow flashlight on my right

4. I go over to each room I assigned to make sure they get their asses out to the designated area.

5. Mark my sheet “left the room” if the person cooperates with me and mark “left to die” if the person refuses to leave and just wanting to stay

6. Knock on closed door rooms (i.e. janitors, bathroom stalls to tell them, “There’s a fire drill, whatever it is you’re doing, please wrap it up, posthaste”

7. Herd the crowd to the stairs to join other evacuated victims.

Seems like quite a bit of a process for an emergency situation and I think the one missing component that I believe should be included in the kit, is a flip flop. How does one speed up in heels crowding a herd? And perhaps the sequence is practical when the fire is not directly on my floor for the truth is, if there’s a fire and I smell smoke, my ass will be the first one to get the hell out of the building.

Maybe I should resign myself as I feel I am not suited for such responsibility.

Relay For Life

Click on “fullscreen” below the picture to get a better view of the pictures.
We came to Relay For Life to support my mother-in-law as a cancer survivor.

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