3, 2, 1, Let It Rip!

Since Treyton (and Jeff) are nuts about Beyblades, this year, for Treyton’s 6th birthday we’ve decided to throw a Beyblade Tourney. I made some paper invitation and asked Treyton to pass them out to his friends at school. Parents are to RSVP so that we get an idea of the number of kids (or adults) who are interested to battle or whether or not we need to supply them a Beyblade as we don’t expect every kid to buy a Beyblade to come to the party. Jeff bought a ton of used Beyblades on eBay so every kid comes home with one to play with at home.
Some parents called us “brave”, some called us “crazy”. This is the first time Jeff and I came up with a party with this scale, about 20 kids showed up and the house instantly became a daycare. I got a taste of what a day at a daycare was like. We had pizza, cupcakes and punch. Of the 30 balloons we got, about 10-15 balloons popped and I just love their maniacal laughs when that happened.
Despite of the high noise level, we had such a TERRIFIC time and we’re gladly to do this tourney all over again! I’m thinking sometime in the Summer at our backyard. Each kid was such a character and I was happy to get to know them. They all behaved so well with the occasion “Hey, you can’t do that.” “Treyton’s mom, so and so is cheating.” “I flipped this one cupcake because it’s mine and I don’t want anybody to touch it.” 
They were definitely a big helper when it comes to singing happy birthday loudly and handing out presents for Treyton to open immediately.
We definitely think the kids had a blast, especially when we overheard a couple of kids said this before they left “Mom, can I please please come to Treyton’s 7th birthday party??” Why YES!!
A special thank you for my dearest mother-in-law in assisting the part. Without her I’ll die.

Hung these myself! Yes, Dhila-self

Printed a bunch of Beyblades as toppers

Yes, Dhila hung these too



Meet some of Treyton’s friends…









No, you’re not seeing double. This is Martin, David’s twin brother






Emma and David

Jayden, Jordan and Ethan. They insisted that I took picture of the art piece and the artists

Mirriam, Ethan, Henry

Treyton and Eduardo have been BFF since Treyton’s birth.


Getting ready to battle

3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP!

Tag team battles. 4 Beyblades at once

Referee Jeff high-fiving Jayden.

One battle on one arena

On another arena


More winners!

Time to sing happy birthday!

and blow the candles


Time to open presents!


untitled-188.jpg untitled-189.jpg

More battles!

Henry and Ethan





Hello! Welcome to Treyton’s 6th Beyblade Battles Birthday Bash!

Treyton is absolutely thrilled to celebrate his birthday party with all of his friends. He’s really into Beyblades (second to Legos) and really wanted to throw a Beyblade Tournament. And yes, Dad is more excited about this than Treyton.

Since this is a tournament where we welcome adults and children to battle, we ask that you RSVP the number of children and the number of adults who are interested in the tournament, so we can put your name on the bracket and get an idea of which/what battles people are interested in. 
A couple of days before the tournament date, we will email the bracket so you know who are you battling with. I recommend you bookmark this site and be sure to RSVP by Nov 17 by clicking this link so we can send you the final brackets to ensure that you are entered in the tournament.
We will hold Four Tournaments total with the final Grand Master Battle between the winning adult vs. the winning kid for the title Ultimate Beyblade Champion:

  • Kid vs. Kid Battle
  • Adult vs. Adult Battle
  • Kid and Adult Tag Team Battle
  • Grand Master Battle Kid vs. Adult
Questions? Email: djbackstrom@comcast.net or call 763.432.3716

*Rough Agenda for the the day — Saturday, November 19th
If you could at least stay for Pizza, and sing Happy Birthday during Cake and Ice Cream, Treyton would love it!
11:30AM – 12:30PM Early Bird Tournament
12:30PM – 1:00PM Pizza is Served
1:00PM – 2:00PM Kid vs. Kid, Adult vs. Adult Tournaments
2:30PM – 3:00PM Cake and Ice Cream
3:00PM – 3:30PM Adult and Kid Tag Team Battles
3:30PM – 4:00PM Open (one or two) Presents
4:00PM – 5:00PM Grand Master Battle (Adults and Kids)

*Might change depending upon the # of people

The Biggest Agate

Well, not by world’s record, not even by Minnesota record, it’s by Treyton’s record. Considering the location (the dessert like below), we’d say he did fantastic, so fantastic, it made Jeff (a pro Agate hunter, to our family standard) a wee bit jealous. I bet it made Grandma Jean jealous too.

I have taken so many pictures of other families I have not had a chance to take pictures of my own family. My photo shoot was rescheduled that weekend so we decided to go for a ride up North, hoping to catch the leaves colors. I was unsuccessful, however I was still pleased with these shots.

It was such a gorgeous day! The light, the temperature, the color, so nice and warm. I love the lens flare that came out of these pictures. All I did was asked Treyton to stand there and look around his surrounding.

The prized Agate

The horseys of Canal Park in Duluth

untitled-13.jpg untitled-12.jpg
When I did ask him to pose, this is what he came up with. I have a feeling the Hip Hop class has something to do with it.

Awwww, this so sweet! All I asked was for him to sit on the rock so I could take his pictures. Is he conditioned for such request?

I don’t know what I was thinking trying to snap this on a moving vehicle on a freeway going 75 miles an hour. Aside of clouds, I’m also a sucker for sun rays and sun flares.

Staircases and Treyton

I always love our landing in our house with the open staircases but never knew what to do with it to give it an oomph. Recently, I decked it out to make it look a little more interesting. Then, Treyton and I decided to have a fun photo shoot with this new look. I just love how not camera shy Treyton is, he’s conditioned to do so. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

Here’s that handsome dude who is going to turn 6 in a couple of weeks. Yes, I advocate Fonzy’s up-collars look. I thinks it’s very classy.

untitled-7.jpg untitled-5.jpg 
untitled-2.jpg untitled-3.jpg
Therapy session with Ranger. “I just don’t understand it Ranger, what should I do?”
untitled-21.jpg untitled-24.jpg
untitled-22-2.jpg untitled-20.jpg
a little observation I made about these hanging vines. I’m convinced that the ceiling fan blowing that simulate wind increases the growth of the vines rapidly than without the fan.

Paintings by my friend Popita Ghozali

Mother’s Day Festivities

Woke up to this on my backyard and got washed out minutes later by the rain. The greatest eco-friendly greeting card ever!

went to Perkins for breakfast with Jeff’s family, a last minute decision, because every other restaurants were an hour or two wait. My dish was so bland I wanted to eat an eggroll right away and coat my tongue with sriracha
Got a homemade card from Treyton. He’s a pretty good writer for a 5-year old.
Trying to make sense of why he chose to draw his dad washing his hands on the kitchen sink (note the details on the faucet, the water and the drainage). The little orange stick man is Treyton giving a heart shaped cookie to me. He kissed me on the cheek and left a red heart mark on it. We all have a smile on our face, even the furry red cat with black fur is smiling.

He also painted this pot and planted this pansy all by himself. He’s definitely dead on my the choice of my favorite colors!
After an afternoon of Action Script, my head was filled with coding. The boys pulled me out of my chair to take me to Thor. I think I could’ve waited until it comes out on Nextflix.
Even after seeing Thor, Spider Man is still kickin’ ass! According to Treyton.

Jeff’s gift to me was taking me and Treyton to dinner at Senor Wong
We had these at Senor Wong:
  • Bangkok Lemonade (refreshing!)
  • Donkey Punch (strong!) They have some awesome cocktail selection and a pretty good sake list.
  • Black Bean Croquetas (Cripy on the outside and smooth on the inside)
  • Meatball Pho (a safe dish for Treyton and he said he fell in love with this dish)
  • Arrachera; Wild Boar Meatballs, grilled zuchini, poblano and onions with guajilo chipotle sauce and paired with creamy ice risotto.
  • Yuzu Cointreau Duck. Seared duck breast, sauteed yu choy, and yuzu (citrus) and Cointreau sauce. The duck was perfectly cooked, the yu choy was too salty, the sauce, actually looks more like a glaze is sweet. It was paired with gingered sweet potato dumplings, but I think they could kick the ginger up a notch
  • Dessert! Caramelized Pear and Five Spice Bread Pudding. Farking delicious! I was scraping. The 12 year single malt Yamazaki butter scotch sauce was to die for! and the streusel fortune cookies was a nice touch. It was paired with homemade vanilla ice cream
  • We also shared Asian Smores. Creamy rice pudding, topped with charred mini marshmallows, spicy and to die for Mexican chocolate, and mixed of ground almond and graham crackers. It was also paired with homemade vanilla ice cream.
All these festivities make for one happy mom!
Happy Mother’s Day.

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Where does the Easter Bunny come from?

According to Treyton, Springland. You must hop the Earth in circles 50 times around it until you get to the top of the pole , and that’s how you get to Springland.

Before bed, he had a message to the Easter bunny to go easy on him on the hiding, especially the golden egg because he’s just a five year old.

Treyton is TERRIBLE at scavenger hunt! We eventually had to do the hot and cold thing. “You’re hotter, now cold, really cold, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE!”

Happy Easter folks! Be sure you brush your teeth before bed tonight.
After a cloudy depressing Saturday yesterday, the sun was shining today. Lovely!

The Easter Bunny is REALLY tricky!
Found the “Golden Egg”. We practically pointed it out where they were. He’s a HUGE fan of Ferrero Roches
Ferrero Roches for Breakfast? Don’t mind if I do!
I don’t do Easter, get out of my sunny spot, kid.
His basket from the “Easter Bunny”
Yeap, this will be gone by end of day today.
Shouting “I LOVE YOU Easter Bunny!”
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Hey Peeps!

I made a a chocolate wreath last Christmas because I really like the chow mein chocolate combo. So I thought to myself I bet I could make nests with these. So I did. This was so easy to make, a bit messy and greasy but I think it’s worth it.

Melt 3 tbs unsalted butter on low heat, drop 3 cups of mini marshmallows, once all melted, drop 1/2 tsp vanilla, then mix 4 cups of dry chow Leon noodles. Grease your hands liberaly with shortening and start molding. I use bottom side of greased muffin pans. Once cooled, fill ’em up with small egg shaped candies and top them with peeps.

If you could find blue robbins eggs, I think they would look cuter. But I couldn’t find any.
I had some left over gummy worms that I thought I could use
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Typical Saturday Morning

Saturday is my ultimate favorite day of the week. Everybody is happy. No one telling them what to do what to wear or where to go. Obligations are non-existence.

The cat lounging on my pink fluffy robe. Jeff and I sipping Starbucks. Treyton in Spiderman underwear only, his favorite state, playing with his Bionicles and we all are watching Jaime and Adam doing stunts on MythBuster.

I’d like this to last just a little bit longer, please.

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Peggy’s Girls (and a boy)

Peggy, middle bottom, is Jeff, my husband’s grandmother. And the people around her are her kids. Here they are, below, in order of oldest to youngest

Peggy and Jean (Jeff’s mother)
Peggy and Rollie
Peggy and Patty
Peggy and Carol
Patty is the silliest of them all