Bar Mitzvah Invitation Done Right!

It ¬†all started with this. Heidi, a colleague of mine and Andrew’s mom, has a huge task this year. She is planning her son’s bar mitzvah next year in January. The guests are coming from all over the country. She had an idea of doing a stop-motion clip for the save-the-date invitation. That’s when I jumped in and said “Let me give it a shot!”

So we made a date for me to show up to do a photo shoot where I met Andrew. This handsome dude is one busy dude, he plays basketball, he plays baseball, he plays the piano, he was in a play, he studies Torah and many other extra curriculum activities he’s done.

I wanted to capture all these activities and I created this short clip for him.

Andrew’s Save The Date Stop Motion Clip
Andrew Geller-Save The Date Postcard- Bar Mitzvah
And then mom needed something to create a save-the-date postcard to be mailed out to guests. So I created this (above).
Last but not least, I offered to create a blog for guests to check out the site for information pertaining to Andrew’s bar mitzvah and here’s what I made:
We chose blue background because Andrew’s aspiration to attend¬†Duke University
Click the image above or this link to view Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah’s blog.
This was such a fun project and mom also asked me to be the photographer for the event and I am VERY looking forward to it.

Happy New Year 2010

I woke up yesterday and decided I wanted to do some stop-motion project. I absolutely love the jerkiness effect. I had a ton of ideas but I know I wanted to try something small first and did not want to commit days doing this. So here’s my first production of 1-minute and 16-second video. I am so proud of it and I would do it again in a HEART BEAT! My 5-year old Treyton helped me with gathering the lego pieces and snapping the pictures. He was a great help and even said “This is so much fun!”

It took me approximately 3.5 hours from assembling the legos (finding the pieces that would look good and proportionate), to snapping the pictures (200 of them), importing, color correcting, importing again, and finally touch up on timeline and adding the soundtrack (could’ve done better with the soundtrack but all of my good songs are not on my Mac, they’re on my Windows).

Overall, I had A TON of fun and I can’t wait to do more of these. Happy New Year to you all!

Oomph Your Gift Wraps

It was two days before Christmas Eve and I have yet to start wrapping my presents; not a single one! Thank goodness I took the day off to dedicate myself to gift wrapping. I got out the folding table and set my my gift wrapping station right on the corner of my dining room as the dining table is piled hight with presents waiting to be wrapped.

I find gift wrapping quite relaxing, it’s almost like scrap booking. The key is to know when to stop. Here are some ideas to give your gift the ooohs and aaaahhhs wow factor.

A closer look to Sera’s gift. I was disappointed that Ms. Oregon didn’t think I could come up with such thing. Still love her though.
A closer look to Mandi’s gift. This took a bit more time to do because of how the the ribbons were weaved.
A closer look to Erin’s gift. I HEART the gold crumpled paper and I need to find some more of these.
These were a bunch of gift cards. The template is courtesy of Martha Stewart
It’s cute in black and white too

If I were Gingy’s Exterior Designer

Since we’re literally snowed in, about a foot and half of snow and still counting, Treyton said we should make Gingy’s house to kill time. There were 3 different designs that we could choose but since we couldn’t decided we decided to forget the design and just decorate it however we wanted it.

The skittles were not included but Treyton was adamant to add some to the house.

I was pretty happy with the results especially since this is the first time I assembled a gingerbread house. This took me about 2.5 hours to assemble and I would do it again. To my surprise this was pretty relaxing and fun!

Putting green skittles on the window
gingy_house-1 gingy_house-6
This is one of the smaller walls. The “lights” were a bit challenging to stay on and so are the “icicles”.
Corn starch helps smooth out the white icing.
I LOVE how the stained glass windows turned out. To do this, take the gum drops and roll them out with a rolling pin on a sugared surface to keep it from sticking. Then you cut them in squares.
I didn’t want to waste the cutout pieces from the rolled out gum drops for the windows, so I turned the “shavings” into an entry. Some of them are applied to the green bushes around the house.
gingy_house-16 gingy_house-17
I just wanted to show you how much snow we got and this was just half of what we ended up with.

Hey Diddle Diddle

My Creative Concept class is so much fun. Amongst many fun assignments this last one was the most fun. We were given the task to illustrate a nursery rhyme with only using character maps of Wingdings and Webdings.

The rhyme goes like this

Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon,
The little dog laughed to see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon

So, here’s my attempt on illustrating the nursery rhymes.

Sumunar @ Lake Harriet Bandshell – Jun 19

Just finished designing the flyer shown here for Sumunar, a non-profit organization dedicated in preserving traditional Indonesian music and dance.

They are performing a free outdoor concert at the beautiful Lake Harriet bandshell. You should come out and check them out.

Would love to get your comments and feedback on this flyer for all you “designers” out there or from anyone who’s got something to say about this design.

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