Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I am 100% Indonesian, born in Jakarta. I’ve lived in Iowa, Hawaii and Minneapolis is my home now, until the kids are off to college, then I’m calling some other place warmer, home.
  • I am married, with two children, well four, if you count my husband and the dog.
  • I work full-time for an insurance company, that’s why I only schedule photo shoots on the weekends.
  • I am a food fanatic, my Instagram account says so. I’m also a little obsessed with my little girl, my Instagram account says so.
  • I don’t like wasabi (What?! You call yourself a food fanatic?!) I’d rather eat chicken brain or eyeballs.
  • I have the cutest Shiba Inu breed dog that chews up my shoes and I hate her for that but she’s so damn cute. Shoe shopping is no longer a therapy for me so this is a huge inconvenient.
  • I like cooking and baking, my Instagram account says so. I’d like to knit and crotchet more, if I could.
  • Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m Martha Stewart, hence the elaborate birthday parties I’ve thrown for my children, here and here.
  • I like  these colors and their combinations Robins Eggs (that’s Pantone 12-5409 TCX to graphic designer geeks) and Mustard (Pantone 13-0755 TCX)
  • I don’t do Winter sports.
  • I like to swim but not on a lake and I live in Minnesota where it is called “The Land of 10,000 lakes” #irony
  • I don’t like the shape of my nose
  • I am trying to be a weekday vegetarian. There are hiccups here and there, I’m only human.
  • I try to avoid processed foods, but if you showed up with Oreos and anything white chocolate, I will not refuse.

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