Atreya Renna – One Month Old

At one month, Atreya is more demanding. Unlike the first two weeks, refusing to sleep in her bassinet. No longer wanted to be swaddled although I modify the way I swaddle her now, not too tightly with her arms on the side, instead, I’ve loosen up a bit with her arms folded on her chest and I let her legs free. Her lungs are so much stronger now that her cries are louder. She grunts a lot too.
She’s so goddamn cute though, I’m willing to overlook these annoying new habit, for a moment.Here are some one month old pictures that I took during our impromptu vacation Up North. We love impulsive trips. Jeff was dying for a vacation so at the last minute on Friday night, we booked a one night stay at Cove Point Lodge, facing Lake Superior, equipped with an in-room jacuzzi.







Taken at Mickey’s Fish House’s deck, facing Lake Superior, Cove Point Lodge.



atreya-7-2-w atreya-6-2-w


Muah, I love you little sissy.


When he thinks I don’t see him.


DhilaB on Instagram Cove Point Lodge

Instagram picture that I really want to preserve. Everyone gets to do what they want to do. Jeff in a jacuzzi, Atreya sleeping soundly, Treyton playing his favorite game and I just want to sit and put my feet up soaking in the sound of the waves of Lakes Superior through the windows. Simple joy.

Even though it was a bit chilly (low 50’s and rainy), we all had a nice relaxing time. Jeff got to do what he loves to do the most while Up North — hunting for Agate with Treyton. I decided to take my old Canon Rebel with the crappy lens kit and took pictures strictly on manual mode. So here are some of the pictures I took of Atreya.

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