The Charm of Bed and Breakfast

Every year the lovely Ms. Nicole, my cousin-in-law, arranges for the girls in the family to get together for a night of bed and breakfast. She’s the one who introduced me to B&B and this is such a better way to spend the night than staying at the Sheraton. This year the chosen bed and breakfast was Berwood Hill Inn. It’s a charming place in Lanesboro, Minnesota, about a two-hour drive southeast from the Twin Cities.

We stopped at this cute little cafe called Pedal Pusher Cafe, an American bistro. I ordered Liver and Onions while others enjoyed Chicken Pot Pie, Pot Roast and Mashed Potatoes, and The Commercial, their specialty.
After dinner we adjourned to the bed and breakfast. After a quick tour, we settled and fed with some decadent brownies, delectable hot chocolates and sinful caramel apples that were served throughout our ornament exchange and game night. I made some margaritas for me and Grandma Peggy. It was a wonderful night!
It’s time to get some beauty sleep as we have a full day the next day of touring about a dozen of other bed and breakfasts in the area.
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b&b_berwoodhill-1 b&b_berwoodhill-2
b&b_berwoodhill-7 b&b_berwoodhill-6
The exterior of Berwood Hill. I took these shots super quick as it was freezing cold outside that night and I could feel the wind piercing through my bones.
Some of my favorite shots I took of the interior. There is so much details in this house that you think you’ve seen everything but then you caught something new at the corner of your eye. It was such pleasant sight.
This place boasts with so many charming antiques. My mother-in-law and I shared what I thought the best room in the house, the Owl’s nest. They said, if we could count the number of owls that are scattered throughout the room and guessed it correctly, you’ll get 10% off of your next stay! We counted 44, yes you heard it right, 44 owls in the room! The owls were displayed cleverly throughout the room, on the washcloth, the bookends, the towel holder and they were some that were so small, if I hadn’t lifted up the towels I wouldn’t have found it.
On the way up to our Owl’s nest room. Do you see the black owl?
Another owl in our room
Another owl!
The chandelier and the ceiling in our bathroom.
To view other charming details of the house, click the triangle below to play the slideshow. Best viewed when enlarged to full screen.
These are some shots I took the next morning before breakfast was served. Among the many dishes served, the breakfast potato dish wash the highlight to me. The pan fry potatoes were served with basil, sausage patties and garnished with crab apples that are grown on their own garden and were canned. These apples were super delish!
The frost that’s accumulating on the windows.
It was freezing cold outside (I think it was -5 degrees Fahrenheit) but I managed to get outside and this shot of the deck. The lighting was just PERFECT!
This was a scene behind one of the bed and breakfast we visited during the tour. This is the Root River if I am not mistaken.
I am very looking forward to the next one.